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Information Technology Services: DOA's Division of Enterprise Technology (DET) is committed to providing first-rate information technology services to Wisconsin's 72 counties, nearly 2,000 municipalities, over 400 school districts and 11 Tribal governments. It provides economical, efficient and high quality technology services that enable these governments to effectively support their business needs and better serve their citizens.

The division's high quality services include Web page design and hosting, mainframe processing, email services, print-to-mail services, on-line training, local and long distance phone services, and many more. In addition, local governments can purchase services off state contracts for credit card processing services, cellular phone services and voice mail services. For more information on information technology services provided by DET to these governments, please visit Division of Enterprise Technology website.

BadgerNet Converged Network: DET has also procured the services of the Wisconsin BadgerNet Access Alliance (WBAA) with SBC as the prime contractor, to provide services for an enterprise network that converge data and video. The objective is to provide dynamic, scalable bandwidth on a vendor-managed network to State agencies and other users (including Local governments) with the option for customers to request an increase in bandwidth at a later date, if needed. For more information, go to the BadgerNet Home Page at www.doa.state.wi.us/badgernet.


TEACH: Technology for Educational Achievement (TEACH) Wisconsin provides support for investments in educational technology and telecommunications. Wisconsin's schools, libraries, cooperative educational service agencies (CESAs), charter schools, secured juvenile correctional facilities, private colleges, Tribal colleges, and technical colleges are all served by TEACH. For more information, go to the TEACH home page at www.teachwi.state.wi.us.


Local Services: DET offers many services for Local and Tribal governments. These services include such things as local and cell phone service. Information about these services can be found at the Division of Enterprise Technology website.



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