Wisconsin Parternship


Serving Wisconsin's 5.5 million citizens with efficient, high-quality public services is a responsibility shared by State, Local (County, Municipal and School District) and Tribal governments. Because of its large scale, State Government can offer its public sector partners access to procurement contracts, technologies, grants and other resources that can either reduce costs or expand the range of available options. This website is designed to promote this Wisconsin partnership by offering concise information about State programs and how to access them.

To view a pdf file of the Wisconsin Partnership Presentation, please click here.

For more information about this site or if you have suggestions to improve it, please contact Dawn Vick, Intergovernmental Liaison in the Department of Administration's (DOA's) Division of Intergovernmental Relations, at (608)266-7043, or via email at dawn.vick@wisconsin.gov.




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Printed Friday, November 24, 2017